Can she survive on a diet of cum

By | November 8, 2020

can she survive on a diet of cum

MYTH: Tight pants and underwear don’t actually have much of an effect on sperm. Semen is high in protein and low in fat, and contains only about one to five calories per tablespoon. Kiss might be one of the more vocal proponents of the health benefits of semen, but tons of people already swallow during sex. In a study involving female college students in Albany, New York, researchers found that those who had sex without condoms had fewer symptoms of depression than those who used prophylactics. It wouldn’t benifit you at all to have any. But I don’t think the semen would contribute much. Cum-eating evangelists keep containers of semen in their refrigerators and blog about cooking with it. People who are jet lagged or having trouble sleeping often take over-the-counter melatonin supplements to help them zonk out. The reason? More OK Whatever.

Assuming that there is enough Vitamin C in semen, you would die of other deficiencies. Their relationship, she assures viewers, is completely platonic. As perhaps the most reliable source I could find, there is a Wikipedia article with references concerning the makeup of human seminal fluid and has this information. In what possible context would you be confronted with a situation where you had to survive on male ejaculate? Open the email in your inbox from OK Whatever. A study published in Nature Medicine revealed that spermidine, a chemical found in semen but also in foods that you can eat with pleasure, like cheese and whole grains helped rats’ hearts function better and reduced blood pressure, thereby helping them live longer. There is also some evidence that the risk of miscarriage may increase with paternal age. Eating semen may make you smarter There are claims all over the internet about how eating semen can raise your intelligence level. Sperm can’t normally live on clothing, skin, and other surfaces for longer than a few moments.

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Say you were stranded on an island with a male for company and for whatever reason, he was in perfect health the full time and able to provide plenty of ejaculate. If there was no other source of food or water and you had to consume his semen, how long would the average person survive? Plus, if you had a limitless supply of water on the island too, how long could you then survive on the semen? Well actually it has 5 to 7 calories and it filled with protein, zinc, sugar and citric acid. It isn’t very nutritional, unless you are drinking gallons of it a day and one man couldn’t produce that much in a day. Semen has absolutly no nutritional value as far as what you need to survive. It wouldn’t benifit you at all to have any. It’s mostly sugar.

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