Crab diet finland food

By | July 6, 2020

crab diet finland food

The first thing what foreigners usually notice about Finnish food is the lack of spices. Some might even say at first sight that Finnish food is boring. Although many people who spend a bit more time with getting to know the local food culture find at least some dishes what they like a lot in the end. Speaking of food culture in Finland is a bit hard because there are two main different trends: on one hand the food culture is very much influenced by international trends, especially in big cities. Many locals are open to new food trends and flavours. The two main influences on the Finnish food culture were Sweden on the Western parts of the country and Russia in Eastern-Finland. Since Finland was not a very rich country until the end of the Second World War, Finnish people had to use what they could produce locally because most of the population could not afford to pay a lot for fancy ingredients. The harsh climate and short summers did not leave many choices: people had to use what they could grow during the short spring and summer and store throughout the year. This is why potato is a main ingredient of many traditional Finnish main dishes.

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Finland food diet crab

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