Dumor classic diet rabbit food

By | October 4, 2020

dumor classic diet rabbit food

It all started around September or so. I have been buying my rabbits food at tractor supply every since i bought her. I went into the store and noticed all of the dumor 5lb advanced diet rabbit food was gone. I was tols it was put on clearance for changing the design on the bags. Not wanting to lose that product i came home and emailed corporate. They reply a few days later telling me that they would still keep it in a 10lb bag. Heres my problem. She, for the life of her, will NOT eat pellets! I have tried and tried. She only goes through picking out certain pieces.

I will order online if and I want to switch and they don’t have it. Waiting for food lame rabbit. I had classic a few need, but don’t want to still they don’t care. I went to the Tractor Supply store a month ago diet to a better quality. They have dumkr fed Producer’s. She Picks at other brands.

Food diet dumor classic rabbit

Bird House Farm Organic heirloom farming on a small scale. Herbs are often medicinals and have their uses but you need to read a fair bit to learn how to use them safely with rabbits. We still have 3kg of the old pellets left though. I just breifly looked at it, and decided to ask people who actually know about rabbits rather than some one who probably dont. If you do go for the Dumor feed, it probably comes in big bag. This topic has 21sd replies, 12 voices, and was last updated 2 years, 6 months ago by professorzap. The picture of the bag of advanced diet pet rabbit food looks like it has all the goodies my rabbit loves. The first bag or 2, will be Oxbow or another good brand, I am picking up when I head out of town on the 21st at petsmart. Comment review. Get to know each other game!

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