Health problems china diet

By | August 6, 2020

health problems china diet

The purpose of this paper is to offer an overview of dietary transition patterns and a discussion of the food-related health issues in China. The paper builds on a review of the existing literature on food consumption and diet changes in China, and highlights with specific attention to increasing food consumed away from home, the rising demand for fast and processed foods, and the popularizing of western-style foods in Chinese diets. More foods are consumed away from home and in the form of fast and processed. Income growth played and will continue to play a critical role in shifting the structure of food consumption. On the other hand, China is on a fast track from a lean population to one in which being overweight or obese. The associations between health outputs and food transitions, however, are inconclusive. Moreover, the results from this review are essential for food-related policymaking in many emerging economies where coexistence of undernutrition, deficiency of micronutrients and overweight and obesity is a common challenge to the society and individual households. Yuan, M.

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The aforementioned China Food and Drug Administration is an essential first step to providing a centrally coordinated authority to regulate food safety. Food safety policy and economics: a review of the literature. Nutritional science. A large proportion of adult patients came to our clinic for nutrition services; on the contrary, minor patients only accounted for less than one-third and the number of elderly patients is quite small. McDougall James E. A healthier Chinese diet could be rice or wheat-based, much less oil, much more steaming, baking and stir frying of foods, more beans and a moderate amount of healthier-sourced animal foods; fish, seafoods and poultry and less fatty pork. Barry Popkin BP : There are three or four big changes taking place. Industrialised countries faced several serious food safety crises in the s, prompting their governments to undertake comprehensive reviews of their food safety policies.

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