Hills science diet grain free

By | October 25, 2020

hills science diet grain free

Join Now. Entire aisles at the grocery store are dedicated to foods that are “something-free” think sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Consumers are gobbling up these specialty foods in an effort to uphold a perceived “more natural and healthy” nutrition, but not just for themselves. Interest in a more healthful nutrition has rolled right into the pet aisle. It’s understandable; after all, your dog is a member of your family who deserves to be as healthy as you want to be. One of the recent trends in pet food is grain-free dog food. Should dogs eat grains?

The important thing to keep in mind when choosing a food for your dog is that just like with humans different dogs can have different nutritional needs. Dog food by brand Prescription Diet Science Diet. Many cat parents who choose grain free food for cats believe grains have little to no nutritional value and are actually causing food allergies in cats. Corn was identified as the offender in only seven of the dogs in the study. Cookie Consent Tool. Switzerland Suisse. Smokey has been suffering for almost 2 years with itchy skin and chronic yeast infections. Finland – Suomi. Veterinary Practice News interviewed four board-certified vet nutritionists about allergies and the role grains play in them.

About Hill’s. Italy – Italia. About Hill’s. Pet parents are focused like never before on reading labels and searching out foods that are “free” of something—think gluten-free, fat-free and sugar-free, for instance. Select Your Region. Poland – Polska. That can help you determine what the cause of your cat’s discomfort is. If there is ever a question, your vet should be your number one source for discovering if any allergies do exist.

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