Steak paleo diet recipe

By | December 29, 2020

steak paleo diet recipe

If you are thinking about grilling or cooking a steak and want to add some extra to it, this Whole30 and Paleo steak marinade is for you! I hope seeing this easy marinade recipe will get you motivated to grab a good cut of meat from the store or your local butcher, throw it in this marinade for a while, and sear it over a hot grill or cast iron pan. This is a go-to steak marinade for us. We use a version of this marinade to flavor a lot of our tougher cuts of steak like flank, skirt, hanger and flat iron. These are perfect cuts for a marinade because they are a little tougher and need some extra flavor. They also happen to absorb the marinade really well because they are a thinly cut steak — not to mention they are cheaper! If you are interested in learning a little more about these cuts of steak, head on over to this page for a nice little summary. Now, onto this easy Whole30 and Paleo steak marinade. It takes only about 5 minutes to put together and is a basic, flavorful marinade that you can use over and over. It uses only eight ingredients that most everyone has on hand in their pantry and spice cabinet. This marinade will work for a cut of meat up to two pounds and can also be used on chicken, pork, bison or fish.

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This easy Whole30 steak skillet is full of flavor and healthy veggies. Making everything in one skillet is my go-to for quick meal prepping or making a clean eating and family friendly weeknight dinner. The one thing that trumps my love of green beans is my love of making dinner in one skillet. The secret to making one pan recipes work is to start with the ingredient that takes the longest to cook. I often hear that people have trouble because something is either over cooked, or under cooked because they all have different cook times. Well, simple fix there friends! With this, you have some wiggle room here with the steak.

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