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Health officials fear for unvaccinated people as India variant spreads

U.S. officials are concerned about the coronavirus mutation originating from India, known as the Delta variant, that is more transmissible and possibly more dangerous for unvaccinated people. The variant, also known as B.1.617.2, was first detected in India last fall and has since reached about 60 other countries, including the United States. The mutated virus… Read More »

Political ideology is real reason people remain unvaccinated, says Dr. Peter Hotez

Dr. Peter Hotez argued that the real reason a number of Americans are not getting vaccinated is their political ideology. “They’re tying their political allegiance to the political right, unfortunately. And we’re seeing this play out in the bottom ten states in terms of vaccination coverage,” which is half of the coverage seen in the… Read More »

One shot of vaccine leaves people vulnerable to new Covid variants warns new study

The situation in India is at crisis point, with hospitals across the country overwhelmed with admissions and oxygen supplies scarce. The rapid escalation is thought to be driven by two coronavirus variants spreading rampantly in the country – the B117 variant first detected in the UK and the new B1617 variant, first detected in India.… Read More »