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Novel, twice-a-year injected drug suppresses multi-drug resistant HIV in most patients failing therapy

Eighty per cent of a group of people with HIV whose current antiretroviral therapy was not working, and who had resistance to most or all currently-used drugs, achieved an undetectable viral load after being given lenacapavir, a drug currently under development that can be given just twice a year, the 11th International AIDS Society Conference on… Read More »

Potential new CAR-T cell therapy for multiple myeloma

Researchers at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center are studying a potential new chimeric antigen receptor-T cell therapy (CAR-T cell therapy) treatment for multiple myeloma. Their findings were published on Friday, June 24, in The Lancet. “CAR-T cell therapy is a type of immunotherapy that involves harnessing the power of a person’s own immune system by engineering… Read More »

Bristol Myers, flush with pair of CAR-T approvals, blueprints first cell therapy factory in Europe

Right on the heels of not one, but two CAR-T approvals in the U.S., Bristol Myers Squibb is bolstering its commercial cell therapy ambitions on the other side of the Atlantic. The company on Thursday pegged Leiden, Netherlands, as the home of its first cell therapy factory in Europe and its fifth worldwide. With planning for site design and… Read More »