Vegan diet support group

By | August 6, 2020

vegan diet support group

Perhaps watching What the Health got you on the wagon to better living or the slaughterhouse scene in newly Netflixed Okja is pushing you in the vegan direction. Whatever your reasoning might be, you might need some help when making the transition to a cruelty-free lifestyle. Vegans United is a fun space to check out pictures of what people are eating daily, discuss issues of how to gently respond to family members that disapprove of your new lifestyle, and ask that one burning question: how do I turn this [fill in the blank] into ice cream? The best part? The group does not allow links, so if you want to share something, you must type it out even recipes. Lately, My Vegan Dreams members have been playing fun vegan games such as posting the name of a food and then continuing the chain using the last letter of the food to name a new one ie, avocad o … o range s … s pirulina. Vegan Cheese Lovers Club Perhaps you came to veganism from being a long-time vegetarian and cheese was that one thing you could never give up but thankfully finally did.

The best part? The following sub-reddits topic-specific forums are plant-based related and fairly active. Get the recipe app. Cuddle in and watch an inspirational movie about the benefits of a whole food plant-based diet. Veg Fests. It is an amazing fact — especially since Americans today spend more than a billion dollars each year to treat coronary heart disease – the most common heart problem in our country. Your form has been submitted.

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